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Welcome to Exotic Frenchies for Sale Phoenix! We are proud to offer a wide variety of beautiful and healthy French Bulldogs for sale in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Our top priority is making sure each puppy goes to a loving, caring home.

We understand that bringing a new pet into your home is a big decision. That is why we go out of our way to provide each potential owner with all the information they need about their potential pup. We recommend scheduling an appointment with us so that you can meet the pups in person and get a better feel for each one. We will also help you with all of the necessary paperwork and provide suggestions on the best food and toys for your new friend.

French Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Phoenix

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Ingrith Lorena Gomez
Ingrith Lorena Gomez
Giving my son a puppy was the best decision. His happiness is evident and the little furry ones fill us with tenderness. Thank you for trusting our family to take care of this little one.
Monica Romero
Monica Romero
I recently purchased a puppy from Frenchies, and our communication was through Facebook. All the puppies were absolutely adorable, and I must say I was truly delighted with my choice. I wholeheartedly recommend the website without any reservations. The entire process, from communication to the quality of the puppies, was excellent.
Scarlett Hall
Scarlett Hall
Beautiful puppies
Alba Pinto
Alba Pinto
I was on the hunt for a new furry friend for myself and my kids when I stumbled upon Maria and her adorable French Bulldog puppies. Instantly smitten by their charm, I scheduled a meet-up the next day. To my delight, the puppies were not only adorable but also healthy, vaccinated, and ready to join our family. Bringing home two of these bundles of joy, our household is now filled with happiness, and the antics of the pups have become the highlight of our days. Thanks to Maria, our home radiates joy, and our new furry companions are thriving.

Our Clients

Carlos Marin
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I'm thrilled with the experience I had at Elite Frenchies. From the moment I stepped into their facility, I felt welcomed and in good hands. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, answering all my questions and providing detailed information about their puppies. I chose my little companion, and I couldn't be happier. My Frenchie is healthy, playful, and has an amazing personality. I would recommend Elite Frenchies to anyone looking for a quality puppy and an exceptional experience!
Jackson Lian
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After weeks of researching for the perfect puppy, I found Elite Frenchies and couldn't be more satisfied with my choice. Their selection of French Bulldogs is impressive, with a variety of colors and exotic markings to choose from. The adoption process was straightforward and hassle-free, and the staff was available to address all my questions and concerns. My puppy is absolutely adorable and has brought so much joy to my home. Thank you, Elite Frenchies, for providing me with my new best friend!
Karla Pez
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I recently acquired a French Bulldog from Elite Frenchies, and I couldn't be more impressed with the quality of the puppy and the level of service I received. From the first contact to the delivery of my puppy, the Elite Frenchies team was professional, attentive, and helpful at every turn. My puppy is healthy, well-socialized, and absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend Elite Frenchies to anyone looking for a high-quality Frenchie and a seamless adoption experience.

Exotic Frenchies Galore: Phoenix's Premier Breeder Revealed!

Explore the Best Exotic Frenchies For Sale Phoenix

Explore the best choices of Exotic Frenchies for sale Phoenix and immerse yourself in the charm of this fascinating breed. With their wrinkled faces and playful personalities, Exotic French Bulldogs are a charming addition to any home. At Phoenix, you’ll find a variety of breeders and options to choose from, from unique colors to prestigious bloodlines. Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion or are interested in breeding, Phoenix offers a variety of opportunities to find the perfect Exotic French Bulldog to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the elegance and charm of French Bulldogs for sale Phoenix. With their increasing popularity and affectionate nature, these dogs captivate owners of all kinds. In Phoenix, you’ll find a dedicated community of breeders and fanciers to help you find the ideal canine companion. Whether you’re looking for a puppy for your family or want to explore breeding opportunities, Phoenix is the ideal place to find Exotic French Bulldogs of exceptional quality and reputation.


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The meeting point of luxury and quadrupedal charm: French Bulldog breeders Phoenix


  • Exceptional Breeding Standards: Our French Bulldogs come from champion bloodlines and undergo thorough health screenings to ensure they are happy, healthy, and free from genetic disorders.

  • Variety of Colors and Markings: We offer a wide range of exotic colors and unique markings, including rare blue, chocolate, merle, and lilac Frenchies, allowing you to find the perfect addition to your family.

  • Personalized Service: Our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step of the adoption process, from selecting the right puppy to providing ongoing support and advice.

  • Lifetime Commitment: We are committed to the well-being of our French Bulldogs for life. We provide guidance on nutrition, training, and healthcare, ensuring your Frenchie remains happy and healthy for years to come.

  • Convenient Location: We make it easy for local families to visit our facility, meet our Frenchies in person, and choose the perfect addition to their family.

The Best Exotic Frenchies

Exotic Frenchies for Sale: Our Promise of Quality and Care


We always follow the best French Bulldog breeding practices to make sure your future family member is as healthy as can be.


Our brand on the line, when it comes to quality. Which is why we make sure to provide you with the healthiest and best french bulldog puppies.


Exotic Frenchies come in many colors Lilac, Chocolate, black, black and white pied, blue pied., lilac pied, merle pied, and many more. 

Looking for the perfect companion?

Look no further! In our exclusive collection of exotic French Bulldogs, you will find the perfect combination of beauty, temperament and character.
Contact us today to reserve your adorable puppy! Call now at (708) 637-0511 and secure your new furry friend!

Phoenix's Pet Paradise: Find Your French Bulldog Companion Today!

French Bulldog breeders Phoenix

Phoenix AZ

Phoenix Arizona, a lively city situated in the desert’s center, showcases a diverse cultural scene with landmarks such as the iconic Plaza Theatre and the picturesque Franklin Mountains. In the midst of its vibrant atmosphere, the city embraces the captivating realm of French Bulldogs for Sale Phoenix AZ. Favored by breeders and enthusiasts alike, Phoenix has evolved into a focal point where the allure and sophistication of French Bulldogs for sale Phoenix blend harmoniously into the city’s cultural landscape, providing residents with a special chance to welcome these cherished companions into their households.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic Frenchies For Sale Phoenix AZ  stand out for their distinctive color patterns, compact size, and charming personalities. They are a rare and sought-after variation of the French Bulldog breed.

To find trustworthy French Bulldog breeders Phoenix , start by researching online directories, reading reviews, and asking for recommendations from local veterinarians or pet enthusiasts. Visit breeder websites, inquire about their breeding practices, and ensure they prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs.

Your French Bulldog Stud Service Phoenix will need up to an hour of exercise every day. This should be split into a few shorter walks, with time to play off-lead in a secure area and have a good sniff around. On top of this, you should try to keep your Frenchie’s mind active with training and fun puzzle games that will challenge them.

Exotic Frenchies may need special attention in warmer climates like Phoenix Provide adequate shade, ensure they stay hydrated, and avoid strenuous exercise during the hottest parts of the day. Regular grooming is also essential, as their unique coat may require extra care.

A responsible French Bulldog breeders Phoenix should prioritize the health, temperament, and proper socialization of their puppies. Look for breeders who conduct health screenings, provide a clean and caring environment for the dogs, and are transparent about their breeding practices.

The waiting period for a French Bulldog  from breeders in Phoenix can vary. It’s common to be placed on a waiting list, and the timeframe may depend on factors such as the breeder’s breeding schedule, the availability of puppies, and your specific preferences for color or gender.

When looking for French bulldog puppies for sale in Phoenix, it is important to consider the reputation of the breeder, the health and pedigree of the puppies, the breeding conditions, and whether the breeder provides health guarantees and veterinary follow-up after purchase.


Contact us immediately to learn more about our inventory of Exotic French Bulldogs for sale Phoenix, Arizona.

Our frenchies are the most adorable and perfect companion for a child. Make your inquiry about our services french bulldos stud service phoenix

Elite Frenchies: Your Exclusive Source for French Bulldogs for Sale!

French bulldog breeders Phoenix

Are you looking for the perfect French Bulldog companion in Phoenix, Arizona? Look no further than Elite Frenchies, your exclusive source for top-quality French Bulldogs for sale.At Elite Frenchies, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional French Bulldogs that are not only beautiful but also healthy and well-socialized. Our breeding program focuses on maintaining breed standards while also ensuring the temperament and health of our puppies.

One of the services we offer is our French Bulldog stud service in Phoenix. If you’re a breeder or a French Bulldog enthusiast looking to breed your female with a top-quality stud, we have just what you need. Our studs are carefully selected for their excellent lineage, health, and temperament, ensuring that the offspring will inherit the best qualities from both parents.As reputable French Bulldog breeders Phoenix, we follow ethical breeding practices and prioritize the well-being of our dogs. We provide comprehensive health checks and certifications for all our puppies, giving you peace of mind when choosing your new furry family member.

What sets Elite Frenchies apart is our dedication to offering exotic French Bulldogs for sale Phoenix. These unique and rare color patterns and markings make our Frenchies stand out from the rest, attracting discerning buyers who appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of these special breeds.Whether you’re looking for a French Bulldog Stud service phoenix for companionship, breeding, or showing, Elite Frenchies has the perfect match for you. Explore our available puppies and stud services to find your dream French Bulldog today!