The best Exotic Frenchies for Sale in Beverly Hills, California

Exotic Frenchies for sale

Exotic Frenchies for Sale in Beverly Hills, California

Greetings and welcome to Elite Frenchies, the ultimate destination to find the best Exotic Frenchies for Sale Beverly Hills California! As the leading French Bulldog breeders in the USA, we have over 12 years of experience breeding and selling these beloved puppies in Beverly Hills, California. Our diverse selection of puppies is tailored to complement your lifestyle. Explore our extensive catalog today.

With Elite Frenchies you will not have any problem to meet our French Bulldogs, because at any time you can schedule an appointment and here we will receive you with open arms. So don’t delay too much because our Frenchies are waiting for you with eagerness. Don’t hesitate a minute to call 708-637-0511 to make your appointment, you won’t regret it!

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No more wasting your time looking elsewhere for your ideal pet, come to Elite Frenchies to discover the most exotic and highest quality French Bulldogs for sale in Beverly Hills. At Elite Frenchies we are known for our commitment to transparency throughout the entire buying process, all with the goal of enhancing our customers’ experience with their new furry companion.

We understand how exhausting it can be to locate a French Bulldog in your neighborhood, in the city or its surroundings. Not to mention understanding their living conditions and the quality of their genetics. These are precisely the reasons why we at Elite Frenchies present the ideal process for those looking to acquire a French Bulldog in Santa Maria, California.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your new French Bulldog will be of the highest quality, as it will be cared for by knowledgeable experts in the field. Moreover, Elite Frenchies will provide you with all the necessary assistance and advice even after you have completed your purchase.

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Elite Frenchies offers a diverse selection of exotic French Bulldogs for sale, with unique coats and exceptional DNA from our top breeding pairs, Smokey and Tequila, and Hennessey and Gin. Contact us to reserve your perfect puppy.


Elite Frenchies provides healthy and certified male French Bulldogs for breeding purposes with high viability rates of over 95%, ensuring quality through full genetic testing and semen testing. Find the perfect male partner for breeding if you already have a female Frenchie at Elite Frenchies.

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At Elite Frenchies, we have over a decade of experience breeding French Bulldogs with a focus on providing top-notch care to ensure our puppies have excellent health and characteristics. Our Frenchies are like family to us, and we prioritize their well-being by providing them with high-quality nutrition, care, love, and training.

At Elite Frenchies, we understand that finding high-quality French Bulldogs can be difficult, especially in Santa Maria, California. That’s why we prioritize transparency and a stress-free process to provide you with the best French Bulldogs for sale.

At Elite Frenchies, we understand the difficulty of finding high-quality French Bulldogs in Santa Maria, California. We make the process easy and transparent for our customers by offering the best French Bulldogs for sale in the area.

Our puppies are raised in a caring environment by attentive caretakers who prioritize their health and wellbeing. We provide excellent care for our puppies during their crucial first days, ensuring that they are healthy and happy.

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We always focus on providing the best possible care for our puppies, with the sole intention that they can enjoy a full and happy life. Their well-being is our top priority and we do our best to make sure they are healthy, happy and comfortable at all times.

The excellent care we provide and the genes that our puppies inherit from their parents, guarantee an exceptional quality that you will hardly find elsewhere.

Lilac, chocolate, black, black and white pinto, blue pinto, lavender pinto, merle pinto, are just some of the coat colors of our Frenchies that you can find in our catalog.

What makes Frenchies so special to us?

Exotic Frenchies for sale
Exotic Frenchies for Sale in Santa María, California

French Bulldogs are a great choice for families who live in smaller homes or apartments due to their small size and low exercise requirements.

French Bulldogs have a charming and playful personality that is sure to bring joy and laughter into any household. They love to entertain their owners with their silly antics and goofy expressions, making them a perfect companion for those who enjoy spending time with their furry friends.

Best Exotic Frenchies for Sale
Best Exotic Frenchies for Sale in Santa María, California

Our French Bulldogs have unique physical traits, such as their coat colors and patterns, which make them an exceptional option for families who desire a distinctive and eye-catching puppy.

French Bulldogs are known for their intelligence and eagerness to please their owners, which makes them highly trainable. They are a great choice for those who are new to dog ownership or those who are looking for a companion that is easy to train.

Elite Frenchies is the best place to find exotic French Bulldogs for sale in Santa Maria, California. They are top breeders in the area, and according to the AKC, French Bulldogs are a popular and admired breed that make great companions. They are perfect for those who enjoy staying at home and spending time with loved ones.

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Exotic Frenchies for sale


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