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All you need to know about French Bull Dogs

Originally from England, French Bull Dogs have become an amazing and popular breed nowadays, especially in the US. French Bull Dogs have always been a synonym of class and style. In Elite Frenchies, we value that. This breed isn’t the biggest out there but it surely is one of the most beautiful ones. With different colors and smooth fur, these furry friends will surely class up your home. Active and quick they will also keep yourself and those around you active all the time. 

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French bulldogs, despite popular belief, have a loyal, peaceful, social, and playful demeanor, are good with children and are one of the best breeds to keep indoors due to their adaptability. They are also clean by nature, making them an excellent companion for children and adults.


Although it will depend on each case, they should be provided with sources of physical activity and play, to keep them healthy and happy.  However, among one of its particularities, it should be taken into account that this breed is not good for swimming, so it should be kept away from pools and other bodies of water to preserve its safety.

In addition, attention should be paid to the care of their eyes, which tend to dry out due to the shape of their head. In general, periodic visits to the veterinarian are recommended, however, its care is simple due to its adaptability.


French bulldogs tend to gain weight, so it will be necessary to keep adequate control of their feeding to make it as balanced as possible. It should be avoided to feed our French bulldog with food prepared for humans and watch when we take it for a walk that it does not ingest anything from the floor. With these simple recommendations, we can keep our pets healthy.

As a singularity, French bulldogs live a period of 8 to 10 years, a little shorter than the average dog’s lifespan. However, this time is compensated with the joy and loyalty that characterize this breed, being at all times, one of the best to take into account as a companion of our life.

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