French bulldog breeders in Chicago

If you have been looking for exotic French bulldog breeders in Chicago, look no further. Elite Frenchies has been breeding the best Frenchies for over 10 years. We give our puppies only the best. To ensure the best traits, genes and health. Starting from their parents and resulting in the best litters of puppies. Here we offer high-quality and exotic Frenchies for unique coats such as Isabella, Visual Fluffy, Merle, Tan, Chocolate and more.

Nowadays, it is hard to get an exotic French Bulldog. But at Elite Frenchies you can be sure that your puppy will be top quality with AKC and AKC registered bloodlines. In addition, our breeding process is completely clear and transparent to ensure you get the results you expect.

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 This is our new litter of puppies, bred with all care and love just for you. Born July 17th 2022

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We are excited to announce our best breeding yet. Tequila, our female Fluffy Frenchie and Smokey, our signature male fluffy Frenchie will sure produce spectacular puppies. Learn how to secure your puppy today.

French bulldog breeders in Chicago Il

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French Bulldogs for Sale


AKC Registered – Female

Color: Visual Fluffy including Testable Chocolate

Genetics: Em/Em D/D N/N at/at N/N co/co L/L4

Tequila is a very healthy and energetic Frenchie. Her coat is very shiny and a darker shade of Tan. She also has very noticeable characteristics of a Fluffy coat. AKC Registered and Testable.


AKC Registered – Male

Color: Visual fluffy chocolate tan carrying testable chocolate (Isabella maker) No pied no brindle

Genetics: at/at B/b co/co D/d EM/EM L1/L1

One of our magnificent studs. Smokey has a beautiful Fluffy coat, soft to the touch and with chocolate tones. He is a strong-built male. He’s had his complete genetic testing and semen tested at 97% viable.

The Best French bulldog breeders in Chicago

You will discover how unique this breed is. Our frenchies will offer you all their love and hours of fun.

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