Chicago Il Why are my French Bulldog's ears floppy

Why are my French Bulldog's ears floppy?

Having a French Bulldog is quite like having children. When everyone has their own opinion, you may worry about your Frenchie, even if he is perfectly fine. One of the most common concerns of owners and their puppies is that their Frenchie has droopy ears. Many believe it is because they are sick or not purebred. But it is completely natural, so here we have Why are my French Bulldog’s ears floppy?

But, it is very difficult for a French Bulldog owner not to panic when his ears are bent. Everywhere you look, you see a Frenchie with their ars up. Their ears give them a unique and elegant look. Then you look at your Frenchie dog and his ears are down. You don’t have to worry about whether your ears are covered or not, here’s why.

It is important for you to know that all French bulldogs are born with droopy ears, which is absolutely normal. Their ears gradually go up as they grow, there really is no definite time for this growth to occur.

When should the Frenchies' ears perk up?

As stated, there is no exact time, each puppy is an individual and will develop differently. Some French bulldogs rise their ears before leaving their mother, but this is not always the case. Sometimes the ears are erect but drooping at the top.
It is natural for your Frenchie’s ears to droop during the teething weeks.

How can I help my Frenchie raise his ears?

Upon seeing signs of a Frenchie’s droopy ears, many breeders and owners may want to take action themselves. The first method is bandaging, which is usually done at 7 to 8 weeks of age.

Breeders may do this, as it is more difficult to convince people to choose lop-eared French bulldog puppies, but it seems like a brutal process. There may be other ways to properly help a French bulldog with its ears.

Why are my French Bulldog's ears floppy in Chicago Il