What progesterone level should a dog be at to breed?

One of the resources to determine the timing of successful insemination. To achieve a successful pregnancy, you should know at What progesterone level should a dog be at to breed?. The hormonal fluctuations that occur in the estrous cycle of the dog. Help us determine the time of ovulation and the period of most fertility. The two most useful hormones are LH and progesterone. Also, you can check our post Best French Bulldog Collars.

Throughout the cycle, the hormonal values of LH run until a peak occur 48 hours before ovulation. So, if we are able to find the peak hormone in the blood, we can predict with certainty when ovulation will occur. The disadvantage of this hormonal determination is that the peak of this hormone is very fast. And the half-life in the blood of LH is very short. So, we would have to draw blood twice a day to make sure we find this peak. With the consequent increase in the cost of the process and disorder for the animal and owner. So, the use of this hormone is only for very specific cases.

Interpretation to determine the ideal moment for Insemination

<1 ng/ml
If it is early pro-estrus, perform cytology and test again for progesterone.

1-4 ng/ml
Pre-ovulatory progesterone increases.

4-8 ng/ml
Around ovulation.

6-10 ng/ml
Period at the end of oocyte maturation. The expulsion of polar bodies and onset of oocyte receptivity.

12 ng/ml
The female is fertile. The moment of AI or mating depends on the type of semen used according to the number and type of insemination. The second service can be 24 or 48 hours after the first one, depending on the type of semen used.

20 ng/ml
In many females the cervix closes and vaginal AI will not be successful. In these cases, transcervical AI can be applied.

Interpretation with Pregnant Dogs

2 ng/ml
Minimum progesterone value is necessary to maintain gestation.

<2 ng/ml
Progesterone falls below 2 ng/ml 12 to 48 hours before the onset of labor. If progesterone is 2ng/ml and there are no obvious signs of labor, the need for cesarean section should be assessed.


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