What Is The History Of The Fluffy Gene In French Bulldogs?

What Is The History Of The Fluffy Gene In French Bulldogs?

Have you ever hear what is the history of the fluffy gene in french bulldogs? The fluffy gene has actually been part of the French Bulldog breed since its inception. To begin with, the ancestors of this dogs were brought to England from France in the 19th century, when the first records of the fluffy gene were documented.

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What Happened To This Gen?

However, this gene has been either suppressed or lost in some populations. As a result, many classic French Bulldogs have only a small amount of the gene, while others have become victims of passing the trait down too frequently and thus diluting its presence.

The results are that many French Bulldogs don’t have the fluffy gene at all, while others have only a small amount. In other words, not all French Bulldogs are created equal!

On the other hand, the fluffy gene has made a huge comeback thanks to dedicated breeders and owners who appreciate its beauty and potential. Their efforts have resulted in fuller coats and longer locks of fur.

Furthermore, breeders have also begun cross-breeding with other fluffy dogs such as American Eskimo Dogs and Shih Tzus. This is to enhance the appearance of their French Bulldogs. 

Last thing to know

One last thing to know, is that the fluffy gene also allowed for even more diverse coat colors and lengths, allowing for even more uniqueness within each individual dog.

So, next time you make a trip to the pet store or visit a breeder, remember this important bit of history about French Bulldogs and their reminder of a gene that is truly unique to their breed!

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