What Is The Fluffy Gene In French Bulldogs?

Have you ever wonder What is the Fluffy Gene In French Bulldogs? Well, firstly, French Bulldogs have a wide range of unique characteristics. And, one of the most distinctive of these is the “Fluffy Gene”. In consequence, this gene is what gives some French Bulldogs the irresistibly soft, extra fluffy fur that we often see in the show ring, and it’s become quite desirable.

What Causes This Gene?

Basically, it is an incomplete recessive gene, meaning that it takes two copies of the gene to turn on its effects. If a French Bulldog has only one copy of the gene, therefore, it won’t be fluffy.

Hence, the gene appear more and more in French Bulldogs, lending a new look to this amazing breed. And, although this gene does appear to be a completely natural mutation in some French Bulldogs, certainly, it can also be passed on through breeding. But, unfortunately, since this gene is incomplete, it cannot be tested for in most cases.

On the other hand, it’s important to know your breeder’s reputation so that you know your puppy is likely to have the gene in a healthy form. Because, not all French Bulldogs have the fluffy gene, and those that do will not necessarily pass it on to their puppies. But, if you do your research and find a reputable breeder with healthy, fluffy French Bulldogs. For that reason, you may just have yourself a unique addition to your own home.

What Is The Fluffy Gene In French Bulldogs fluffy puppies
What Is The Fluffy Gene In French Bulldogs a little fluffy baby
What Is The Fluffy Gene In French Bulldogs fluffy baby

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