Ways to Help a Frenchie with Breathing Problems

There are two things French bulldogs are widely known for. Their cuteness will win anyone’s heart and their breathing problems. Yes, we know that it is a very big and far comparison between the two things. But sadly, it is something that sums up this breed’s issues. However, nowadays, there are a lot of ways to help a Frenchie with breathing problems. In the past, most things were incurable and hard to treat. However, these times, we have a lot of things for them to help them feel better. So, if you want to learn more, keep on reading to know how to help them.

Watch their weight

One thing that can affect their respiratory system is their weight. There is a lot of information out there about French bulldogs’ weight. Most of it is accessible but some people are not aware of it. One of the ways to help a Frenchie with breathing problems is by watching how much they weigh. If you keep them in the right range they’ll have fewer issues, This will allow them to move freely and without any difficulties. So, yes, exercise is important among other things to watch your French bulldog’s weight.

Avoid hot days as much as possible

We all love taking our dogs for a walk during summer. It is a beautiful season for all people to go out with their pets and have a nice walk. However, for French bulldogs, this can be very dangerous. French bulldogs are more prone to suffer heat strokes. And beyond that, they can also burn their paws by walking a lot under the sun. That is why when summer arrives, try to avoid walking them on hot days. If you do, try to make them walk on soft surfaces. Places like parks or your backyard. And most importantly, keep them hydrated. All of these are great ways to help a Frenchie with breathing problems. For more information, remember to follow us!

Ways to Help a Frenchie with Breathing Problems in Chicago Il