Understanding Frenchies Marking

One of the most common complaints from dog owners is urinating indoors. It’s important to differentiate between urination or marking and the reason. So today, we bring you Understanding Frenchies Marking. If you want to learn more about Exotic Frenchies, you can visit our post:

First, young puppies often can’t hold their bladder. Because they are not automatically trained. And home-training any dog, no matter how stubborn they may be, is not a quick or easy task. It takes 4-6 months to fully train your French bulldog. And sometimes take up to a year. But if your Frenchie is already trained and you are still seeing puddles of urine. There are many reasons why. The most common and obvious reason is that your Frenchie is not allowed to go outside often enough.
The amount of urine is essential to differentiate marking or urinating. If a dog only releases a few drops, it’s marking. Also, females could exhibit behavior if she is a dominant dog. Although, it is more common in male dogs when they reach sexual maturity. So, they may also exhibit this undesirable behavior when they are in anger.
Then, establish your alpha role as an owner for dogs that show marking as a way to dominate. This is possible through mealtimes and daily walks. A hormonal change in the dog by spaying and neutering your dog helps reduce the event. But does not completely get rid of the behavior.
Inside your home, you need to clean up any traces of urine that may have remained from their accidents. And using pee pads will make your job much more difficult. So, keeping their area clean will help them understand that your home is not a toilet. Mark a routine with your dog about when they should expect to go out or take scheduled walks. After you pee where you want, praise them and let them know what a good boy or girl they are.
Finally, to flag behavior in a home, you must say “No” firmly so that they understand that it is undesirable behavior.

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