Top Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are Top Dogs

A lot of people are always asking about the reasons why French bulldogs are considered so great. Exotic and fancy. Well, truth is that there are a lot of factors that make people look for this breed. And there are some other top reasons why French bulldogs are top dogs. So, if you are considering getting one for yourself, you might want to read this guide. Having a French bulldog is great and it is truly one of the best breeds out there so, read on and we’ll tell you all about this exotic breed. Also you can check our post Facts You May Not Know About French Bulldogs.

Signature Features

While almost all dog breeds have iconic features, we can say that French bulldogs have even more. Beyond their story and how they came to be known as French bulldogs, they have even more. From their physical features to their personality. These dogs are great to be part of families and even make their way to showings and contests.

Great Personality

As stated above, another of the top reasons why French bulldogs are tops dogs is their personality. They have such a great temperament that you’ll rarely see them angry or moody. They are very cheerful, playful, and amazing overall. That is why a lot of people recommend a Frenchie for kids. These dogs are amazing with children too. Without a doubt, one of the best breeds for any house.

They don't need a lot of exercises

This last one might be a hit or miss but some people like it. Having a dog means that you have to take them out almost every day. Daily is ideal. Yet, this breed is more of a stay-home type of breed. They don’t need to exercise a lot. While it is recommended due to their health issues, it isn’t mandatory. So, that is another reason why we think these dogs are top dogs.

Top Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are Top Dogs in Chicago Il