Tips for Flying with your Frenchie Chicago

Tips for Flying with your Frenchie

Do you know what is great about having a dog? That they are keener to travel than cats or other pets. However, our favorite breed, the French bulldog, doesn’t have such a great time when flying. Why? Well, we all know about their health conditions. Some of them can get even worse when they are flying. But, that should not deter you from taking your Frenchie to travel. That is why today we put up a list of tips for flying with your Frenchie. So, read on to learn what can you do to take your dog with you.

Only for necessary flights

Okay so, we mentioned that people love taking their dogs out for vacation. And why shouldn’t they? It is awesome to take them on a trip. However, we only recommend that you do it if it’s extremely necessary. French bulldogs require a lot of care. Taking them for a flight can be dangerous but if it is absolutely necessary, then you need to take some precautions.

Get a pet-friendly airline

Probably the most important of our tips for flying with your Frenchie. Today, there are a lot of pet-friendly airlines out there. They have specific planes that fly at low altitudes to avoid any issues with your dog. French bulldogs benefit from this a lot because the higher they fly, the more dangerous for them. So, always consider flying on any of these airlines.

Buy TSA bags and harness

If you do decide to take your dog on a plane, then make sure that you buy everything that is TSA-approved. Thankfully, there are a lot of things that will make traveling with your dog a lot easier that the TSA has approved. So, always ask and research before getting your dog on a plane. With preparation and precaution, everything will be easier in a lot of ways for your French bulldog.