Tips for caring for your aging French Bulldog

While it is true that our Frenchie will need some special care during most of his life, it is during his maturity and old age, when as owners we should pay more attention to his health to extend his life as much as possible, so today we bring you tips for caring for your aging French bulldog.

Special care

Exotic Frenchies Chicago have the characteristic of being dogs with an average physical activity, however, when they get older their activity decreases even more, so we will have to take them for a walk regularly.

When doing so, we must pay special attention that they do not shake too much and do not jump, as this is very bad for their health due to the peculiar characteristics of their bone structure. Also, is good for their health to take sunbathings once in a while to stay strong.

On the other hand, we cannot let them avoid physical activity altogether, in order to prevent obesity and other diseases that come with it, so going for a daily walk should be part of their routine. Here you can learn more about the most common diseases in French Bulldogs.

Give it love!

 Another of the tips for caring for your aging French bulldog provided by the French bulldog breeders Chicago is to give our best furry friend a medical check-up every six months, in order to prevent diseases. 

On the other hand, we will have to pay special attention to the condition of his skin, which becomes very sensitive, as well as to keep his nose moisturized since it tends to dry out and this can cause pain.

Finally, elderly Frenchies are more prone to suffer from respiratory ailments, so taking care of them from the cold will be essential, as well as guaranteeing our pets a comfortable and warm space to rest.

French bulldogs are great pets, so don’t forget to give them lots of love, water at room temperature and control their feeding. Consult your veterinarian every time you suspect any illness and follow these tips for caring for your aging French bulldog so that your Frenchie will live for many years.

Chicago Il Tips for caring for your aging French Bulldog