The Value Of A French Bulldog

When people see pictures of French bulldogs, they all love them. Or at least the majority of people. They are a beautiful breed that goes well in any home. Yet, when people hear the price, they get a little bit scared. There are a lot of reasons why the value of a French bulldog is so high. Sometimes it is because of the fur, the breeding process, or something else. So, if you want to learn more about the value of a French bulldog, this post has some good information for you today. Also you can check our post Top Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are Top Dogs.

4k to 6k Price Range

This is the lowest price range that you’ll find on French bulldogs. The price doesn’t mean that they are bad. If you see prices like these in French bulldogs that just means they have more common fur colors. The common color that is amongst this price range is blue. Anything from Blue Fawn to Blue Cream. These colors are normal and hence the price range.

7kto 10k Price Range

Moving on with the list, we have the 7k to 8k price range. The French bulldogs that appear on this list are the ones that have chocolate-colored fur. This doesn’t mean it is a bad color though. Dogs with this color are quite common in homes and we’d say people go for dogs inside this price range more often.

12k to 100k Price Range

The highest price range is this. If you want a dog in this range, trust us, you’ll get the most exotic ones. The two common dogs that make it to this list are the Fluffy Carriers and the Isabella coat ones. These are the most exotic coat colors for any French bulldog. Just a few breeders have dogs like this for breeding. So, if you really want an exotic French bulldog, this price range is the one that has them all.