The Truth About Owning a French Bulldog

When people buy or adopt a dog they only think about the cute stuff. Dressing them up, playing with them, and showing them off with the neighbors. And yes, that is not bad at all. However, a French bulldog is an exotic and special breed that needs a lot more things. So, it is important to know the truth about owning a French bulldog. And truth is that it isn’t as easy as people put them. With special feeding habits and regular health issues, you have to make sure that you are prepared to be a good French bulldog owner. But don’t worry, because today we’ll talk about that here.

Their diet is not too cheap

French bulldogs, due to their genes, are born with some genetic differences. Some of those make them more susceptible to different allergies and other things. That is why their diet tends to be a little bit more expensive. Some people go ahead and just buy the recommended raw diet. While that isn’t bad, you ought to change it up a bit once in a while. There are a lot of recipes out there for a good diet that can save you some money. However, it will still be a bit more expensive than with other dogs.

Visits to the vet are more often

Another thing to keep in of the truth about owning a French bulldog is that they will go to the vet more often than other dogs. Not because they get sick constantly, but rather, because you want to prevent them from getting sick. You have to take them at least once a month. Which, in all fairness, is recommended for any breed. But, make sure that you always take them and keep an eye out for any strange things you notice. Doing so will make you a good owner and give your dog a happy life.