Should I get another French Bulldog?

This is a common question French bulldog owners ask. This is because many owners worry about their pets being lonely, especially if they have to go out for long periods of time during the day. Dogs are social animals and as dogs, they will love to live in a pack. So, Should I get another French Bulldog?

Is it advisable to have more Frenchies?

Frenchies are companion dogs, they love to have someone to play with, and running makes them happy. If you are thinking of getting a Frenchie as your first pet, you should consider getting two Frenchies from the same litter instead of one. It may seem complicated at first to have two puppies, but it is possible to handle this situation. It is better to have two dogs instead of one. There are a couple of advantages here:

  • They are less likely to resent separation from their mother and siblings.
  • The dogs bond more easily with other dogs.
  • They will be kept busy and exercised by playing together.

Is it a good idea to have males together?

When you already have a male Frenchie, you may wonder if getting another male is a good idea. It is not surprising to ask this question, as there can often be problems over territory. Ideally, you should get the puppies at the same time or if you had a dog before, give him and the puppy time to bond, it is a process.

Should I get another French Bulldog in Chicago Il

How to introduce two dogs?

It is always better to introduce a new puppy rather than an adult. But even if they are both adults, it is best to give them their time, to introduce them in a controlled environment and not to force them. In the end, one will end up being the alpha.

Other aspects to consider

You should keep in mind that getting a new Frenchie has its own potential drawbacks. But there are many benefits to getting a second French Bulldog.