Not a good idea

Being breeders or owners of Frenchies is rewarding but you must be very aware of the times and stages of estrus of the bitches to avoid unplanned pregnancies. So if you have ever wondered “should I breed a Frenchie in the first heat”, we will explain more about it.


The immediate answer is no.


According to the American Kennel Club or AKC, responsible owners should wait until the third heat so that the female can reach maximum development.


This is also because pregnancy in exotic Frenchies Chicago tends to be somewhat complicated, even if the reasons for breeding them are many.

should I breed a Frenchie in the first heat

A delicate procedure

should I breed a Frenchie in the first heat

To begin with, it is recommended that insemination be done artificially during the female’s fertility or estrous period.


This is because natural mating is almost impossible for this breed, as they have small hips and very large heads. 


On the other hand, during the pregnancy stage, special considerations should be taken with the mother-to-be and special care should be taken with the feeding.


And if you were wondering “should I breed a Frenchie in the first heat” or were unaware of the complications of pregnancy, then there is something else you should know.


It is recommended that births of Exotic French Bulldogs Chicago be by cesarean section, as many complications arise from the size of their heads in natural births.


This could cause serious injuries to the mother and the death of the pups.


To avoid this, we advise you to purchase your Exotic French Bulldogs for sale Chicago from experienced breeders, or have a veterinarian guide the bitch through the process as smoothly as possible. 

Should I breed a Frenchie in the first heat? No, but don’t let that stop you from wanting to get your exotic Frenchies for sale.