Required Documentation For A French Bulldog

Most people think that documents are only for people. Yet, dogs also need some documents. It is important that everything is in order for a lot of reasons. For the simple reason of having your dog registered to even getting insurance for them. So, it is important that you know the required documentation for a French bulldog. Today we want to talk about the most important ones so you always look for them and get them with any chance you get. So, don’t let that slip away, and always prepare all the documentation.

Birth certificate

Some people don’t want to get this document but a lot of dog associations recommend having it. Why? If you take them to the vet, it is important to have some specific information. Information that is important for them is their initial weight, date of birth, and more. So, always get this document and have it safe somewhere to avoid any problems or any lack of information.


For people who want to show off their purebred Frenchies, this document is really important. Having it will show everyone around that their breed is excellent. In some showings, this is important so, make sure that you have it. Especially this breed in case you want to do something with them or show them off in contests and showings.

Identification card

This is part of the required documentation for a French bulldog. We always recommend that you have an identification card with you or on your dog’s collar. Now, the card is big so what is the workaround for it? There are ways to put a QR code that sends people to the information that has an identification card. This is simple, easy, and very fast to do. So, always make sure to have the information ready for you and your dog.