Raw Food Recipes For Your French Bulldog

As we’ve mentioned in other posts, a French bulldog’s diet can be picky. While this breed is amazing, they do tend to suffer from some health problems. Yet, not all is as bad as some people make it out to be. As long as you keep your dog with its proper care, everything will be fine. And today, we want to talk about diet and some raw food recipes for your French bulldog. If you want to know how to feed them properly and in a delicious way, read on! We have some great ideas for you today.

Is a raw diet the best diet?

There are a lot of people out there that’ll always recommend different diets for French bulldogs. Some people will say to stick with dry food and others with canned food. Yet, the truth, that even some associations say, is that a raw diet is ideal. Why? It contains all the nutrients and proteins that a French bulldog needs. You don’t need to worry about a thing when feeding them with this. They’ll have everything they need to go on with their day without a hitch. And not that we’ve established that this diet is the best, let’s continue with raw food recipes for your French bulldog.

  • Turkey neck, ground beef, local honey, and salmon oil.
    While it sounds like an expensive one, it isn’t. Plus, it can last for a few days if you prepare it daily.

  • Salmon, turkey neck, pork.
    This one is quite accessible as well, and delicious. It includes everything your dog needs to stay healthy.

  • Local duck grinds, quail eggs, turmeric paste, and sardine oil.
    This one is also great and mixes things up a bit more. It is definitely a recipe that you should try when feeding your Frenchie.

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