Potty Training Tips

If there is one thing that isn’t fun when we get a new dog is training them to go to the bathroom. Potty training can be hard sometimes and it requires a lot of patience. Even if breeders tell you that a dog is obedient, it will depend on a lot of factors. The environment, their personality, and how confident they feel. Also, remember, training any dog requires a great deal of commitment and a bit of bribing for them to go. That is why today we have prepared some potty training tips for you to try with your French bulldog. Also, you can check our post The Value Of A French Bulldog.

Create a schedule

Most animals work on a routine. People think that cats are the only ones that follow a routine but no, dogs do too. If you start making a schedule for your French bulldog they’ll get used to it. Whenever you see they are going to the bathroom inside the house, take them out at that time. Then repeat that throughout the week and you’ll see how quickly they get used to it.

Use puppy pads

If you want some extra help, you can always use some puppy pads for them. You can find them anywhere. Some dog salons sell them and use them while a dog is in session. Using puppy pads for your dog to go pee is a good idea and one of the best potty training tips. You can put them wherever you want them to start going. This is a good way to train them for that.

Pay attention to your dog

This is more of a tip for you to see when they want to go. French bulldogs, luckily, are very vocal. They express what they want in different tones and you can identify their needs quite quickly. So, always pay attention to the type of sound they’re making. If they do it before going to the bathroom, then you’ll be able to know when they want to go. Hence, making potty training a lot easier

Potty Traning Tips in Chicago Il