Official French Bulldog Standard

All year round there are massive competitions for dogs. So, it is not surprising that many dog owners want to go with their pets and participate in those events together. We have previously discussed in our posts that there are several disciplines. Events where your pets can take part depending on their abilities. However, dog shows are based more on pure breed characteristics, but what is the official French Bulldog standard?

Official French Bulldog Standard in Chicago

Proportion and symmetry

In his physiognomy, his features are spaced well apart from each other, giving him a very symmetrical appearance. None of his features stand out more than another to make them look disproportionate.

General Appearance

The French Bulldog has a compact build of a heavy-boned, muscular dog of medium to a small height. The chest is broad and deep. The tail is straight or curved, short, low hanging.

Among the most characteristic features of the breed is its square head with bat ears. The top of the skull is flat between the ears; the forehead is slightly rounded, but not too much. The muzzle is broad but short as the nose.

Its eyes have a furrow between the eyes with pronounced wrinkles. The nostrils are wide, with a well-defined line between them. According to the standard, the nose is fine-tipped and black.

The feet are medium-sized, compact, and wide. Also, they have high knuckles with stubby nails.

There is not a very noticeable variation in the comparison of females and males. They are easily distinguishable by their genitalia. But lack any characteristic or pronounced trait to differentiate them.

it or not, they have very expresful eyes. You can see clearly what they want or how they are feeling. It is important that you always keep a close eye on…their eyes. These can tell you everything they want and how they are feeling in this moment.

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