Must-Have Accessories For Your French Bulldog

So you are the proud new owner of a french bulldog. You are ready to start pampering your dog while inside and outside the house. And you are looking for accessories that can make your new dog’s life a lot easier and happier. Well, there are a lot of them out there. Some of them do wonders for their health. Others work more for aesthetic reasons. But either way, these are some must-have accessories for your french bulldog. Read on to learn what accessories are essential for the care and well-being of your dog. If you get all of these you’ll see how the mood and life of your furry friend will improve.

Summer Cooling Vest

Summer is approaching and with that, the weather will change a lot. We recommend getting ready for that. If you are someone who doesn´t need Reasons to Walk Your French Bulldog, you will definitely need this. Summer cooling vests are an amazing invention for this breed. The way this vest function is by keeping the chest and heart area fresh. It reduces heat buildup and keeps them cool with whichever activity they are doing. It is important to get it ready before Summer hits your city. French bulldogs need to be outside to do their daily doses of exercise. That is something that improves their health. So, prepare by getting something to cool them off. It is one of the must-have accessories for your french bulldog.

2-in-1 travel bottle

We all know and love that French bulldogs are an active breed. And we have already talked about all the benefits of taking your dog outside to play and exercise. We recommend getting a 2-in-1 bottle for them. This makes carrying food and water together a lot easier. You can take advantage of this when going for a hike or a normal walk. This is also a great way to preserve their food. Just remember to bring with you the Best Food for French Bulldogs. They will be so happy to take a break and enjoy their favorite meal outdoors.

Soft harness

Do not let their size fool you, French bulldogs are quite strong. Especially when they are excited. They just love to run around and they can pull you hard. All people have harnesses for them, which is fine. But, some harnesses can actually harm your dog. How? Depending on the material. If it is too hard, it can be bad for them. We recommend getting a soft padded harness. You can find them almost anywhere and they do wonders for those days when you want to take a hike or walk with your dog.

Must-Have Accessories For Your French Bulldog Chicago Il
Must-Have Accessories For Your French Bulldog Chicago

Personalized collar

In the worst-case scenario, any dog can escape. The feeling is horrible, especially if your dog doesn’t have a nametag. It is paramount that you get a personalized collar. Yes, for aesthetics but also for their safety. In the imaginary case your dog runs away, if someone finds it, they’ll be able to call you. Provided you put your personal information there. These collars can be personalized as you see fit. So make getting this one a priority amongst all accessories.

Anti-choke bowl

Every dog is different, yet most of them tend to eat really fast. This can present a health issue for your dog. Why? It affects digestion. If you need more information check our post How to prevent the most common diseases in French bulldogs.

And this can be bad for them if they are outside doing any activity. So, these bowls have some extra objects that prevent your dog from eating too fast. Usually, it is a plastic bone or a ring that makes it hard for them to eat a lot. This is also good to keep their weight in check. You can get one of these for both inside and outside your house.

Nail clippers

As you know, dogs can also trip and hurt themselves for having long nails. We recommend that you get some nail clippers for them. Clipping their nails sounds easier than it really is. Not because using the clipper is hard, but because of the dog. While some stay really calm when you’re clipping their nails, some get altered. Either way, it is something that has to be done. So, get some nail clippers for them. Here at home, we try to clip their nails every two weeks. This will keep them short and safe for them to walk and run around.

Interactive feeder

Another good thing that you can have to control their diet and stimulate their mind is an interactive feeder. These are not too expensive and are very fun for them. They have to interact with them to get their food. They usually come in the shape of a bowl or a big egg. They are amazing. Even cats use them. If you want them to control what they eat while also improving their skills, get this one for them. They will be happy about it. Also, the food will last longer. That is another plus altogether.

Waterproof raincoat

Another object that is very useful, especially during the rainy season, is a raincoat. There are some cities where it rains almost all year. This can really affect all outdoor activities. Yet, if you get a waterproof raincoat for them, all will be good. This is one of the must-have accessories for french bulldogs that people always get first. It is good to carry it around yourself at all times. You never when rain is going to hit. Better be safe than sorry.

Car seat covers

Alright, this accessory is more for you than them. You need to get some car seat covers for your vehicle. If you have just finished an outdoor playing session with them, they’ll be dirty. Or wet, if it is or was raining. That can leave some big stains on your car. So, make sure to buy some of them for yourself. Plus, your dog will be rolling around which means they’ll get dry and a bit clean while doing so. Hence, leaving all the mud and water on those covers.

Must-Have Accessories For Your French Bulldog in Chicago Il
Must-Have Accessories For Your French Bulldog Chicago Il

Dog carrier

Everyone gets tired from walking and we already know that french bulldogs have respiratory problems. If you see that your dog is getting tired, get them inside their carrier. These portable carriers are amazing because you can just put your dog in them and walk around them on your back. It is a great way to let them take a rest while also having them explore the city with you. They are very fun to have and very accessible to get.

Paw balm

The last of our list of must-have accessories for your french bulldog. Paw balm. We have already talked about how their paws suffer when walking on hot surfaces. This is bad for them and you need to take care of them. Usually, we recommend just staying at home if the weather is too hot. This is the fastest and best choice when taking care of them. Yet, sometimes the ground gets hot while we are outside. So, carrying a small can of paw balm will do the trick. You can get it for a good price and apply it easily.
So there you have them, our personal list. There are a lot more accessories out there but, if you prioritize these ones, you’ll be good.
Remember to always keep them close to you. Take care of your french bulldog so they can enjoy a great time with you every day.