Most Expensive French Bulldog Color

The history of French bulldogs has been a big one. Way back since the 18th century when this breed was discovered, they’ve surprised us with a lot of things. Nowadays with things like clubs and associations focused on this breed, the world of french bulldogs is huge. And with that, a lot of french bulldog breeders have appeared to help people understand a bit more about them. Now, some people who want a new dog are always looking for the most exotic french bulldogs. And the exotic part is affected by their color. Today we tell you which one is the most expensive french bulldog color.

Isabella Coat

There are a lot of french bulldog colors out there but the most expensive french bulldog color is this one. The Isabella coat. While some people might think that dogs with bluish-colored coats are the most expensive, the Isabella ones win by a long shot. Getting this type of coat is very difficult. It requires careful breeding to get it and not all breeders have a parent that has this color of the coat. Getting said color requires testing and a lot of care for the mother. As you know, french bulldogs can’t breed naturally, so the process is quite daunting.

Most Expensive French Bulldog Color in Chicago Il

Exotic color equals more care

With exotic-colored french bulldogs, a lot of responsibilities come too. In what way? Well, they are related to their health. Since the breeding process is a bit more difficult than a normal one, you need to be extra careful when taking care of your dog. These dogs come with the usual respiratory and skin issues. But, they need a lot more care than a dog of normal color. So, if you are aiming to get an Isabella coat french bulldog, be mindful of the care they’ll need. And remember to also contact your french bulldog breeders. They’ll guide you through every step of the process.