By acquiring Frenchies for Sale Chicago we also acquire the responsibility of some extra care that this wonderful breed requires, so today we tell you how to take care of your Frenchie’s eyes.


The eyes of this breed are especially prone to infections and other ailments due to the shape of the head since the eyes are more exposed.


In addition, there is sometimes incomplete blinking, which causes dryness due to poor hydration.

how to take care of your Frenchie's eyes

Risks of neglecting their eyes

how to take care of your Frenchie's eyes

Due to the above, French Bulldogs Chicago tends to suffer from poor wound healing and increased chances of infection, wounds, glaucoma, and cysts, in addition to the constant dryness of the eyes.


Therefore, it is essential that as owners we know how to take care of our Frenchies’ eyes and be aware of the general condition of their eyes.


Remember to go to a veterinarian if you suspect something is wrong or if they have red eyes, pain, constant scratching, or green discharge.

What to do

In turn, to prevent serious ailments and diseases, you can follow these tips, some of them provided by other AKC French bulldog caregivers.


-Apply special drops for your breed to their eyes to keep them well hydrated. The drops should be approved by your veterinarian.


-Clean his eyes daily with a clean gauze, which can be moistened with chamomile tea or saline solution. When you finish, make sure to dry it well and do not irritate the skin.


-Give him a balanced diet, the healthier he is, the less chance he will have of infections. Consult your veterinarian about the use of supplements.


-Make periodical revisions with your veterinarian, so that he can determine the specific measures to follow in the case of your pet.


Don’t let the extra care prevent you from acquiring your own exotic Frenchies for sale Chicago, as they are an excellent companion and all the care you give them will be returned to you with love and loyalty.


Now that you know how to take care of your Frenchie’s eyes, we recommend you apply these tips to make your dog healthier and happier!