How to prepare my house for new puppies

Getting a puppy can be overwhelming and we have to do it by taking into account many things. We need to know what things he needs, his vaccinations and his vet visits. To make this task easier we bring you How to prepare my house for new puppies.

How to prepare my house for new puppies in Chicago

New Family and Members

With a new family member, it is necessary to take on roles in the care of the puppy. The way parents take care of their puppies will be the best example for children to learn from. Remember that having a pet is a commitment of care and affection.
The first thing the adult in the house should do is let their children know all the puppy’s needs. Once young children are taught that puppies need food, exercise, care and lots of love. Kids will learn to be responsible pet owners simply by observing. the behavior of their parents.

  • Avoid keeping small objects within reach of your puppy that he can swallow. We recommend Maid Services in Chicago.
  • Try to store all cleaning products in a safe place.
  • Check your garden a bit, as some houseplants can be toxic to puppies.
  • Avoid leaving the leash within the reach of the puppy.

First 48 hours

With a new family member, it will take some time to adjust. Here are some practical tips to turn this learning phase into one filled with special moments.

Plan ahead. Prepare food, toys, and essentials when they arrive.
Dedication time. The best time to bring your new dog is early in the weekend. This will give you time to get used to your dog’s new place. Children can be especially amused, so show them how to play gently.

Feed the puppy. Place their food and plates of food and water in a fixed place to create a habit. If the puppy refuses to eat, you can try moistening the food with a little warm water. Visit your veterinarian to begin a medical history for future reference.