How to keep your French Bulldogs calm from the fireworks

The 4th of July is here and with it the preparations for this great occasion. But have you already made preparations for your pet? Unlike humans, our furry friends do not enjoy fireworks, some to a greater or lesser extent. The truth is that as their family, the last thing we want is for them to suffer. So today we tell you how to keep your French Bulldogs calm from the fireworks.

Before the celebration

Before the holidays you can opt for special training or do it yourself at home. This consists of desensitizing your pet to loud noises or the sensations that fireworks can cause so they don’t get stressed. At home, you can use your television to get your Frenchie used to the high volume. Of course, we recommend doing it little by little, with patience and not exposing him too much. The last thing we want is to distress him, even in training.

It is also recommended that you try to tire him out before the event so that he is asleep during the fireworks. One way to do this is to play with them or go for a long walk. Also, remember not to overexert your Frenchie so he doesn’t get heatstroke.

Even if your dog is very calm, there are unfortunate cases where your pet may run away. So don’t forget to check that they have their tags with all their data and their microchip.

During the celebration

A good option is to have a special room for your french bulldog that is quiet and calm. We are not talking about a special soundproof room. But a small corner away from windows or doors could help. There he can have it together with his bed, favorite toys, blanket or food. Whatever is necessary for him to feel comfortable and safe.

After the celebration

Keep an eye on your dog, in case he shows any signs of stress. But always remember to spend time with him, spoil him and give him lots of treats to associate the experience with something positive.

How to keep your French Bulldogs calm from the fireworks in Chicago
How to keep your French Bulldogs calm from the fireworks in Chicago Il