How to clean Frenchies' wrinkles?

French Bulldogs are famous for their adorable wrinkles. However, they can smell and become infected if we don’t clean them regularly. As you may know, French Bulldogs need special care and their wrinkles too. So, today we tell you How to clean Frenchies’ wrinkles.

How to keep a French Bulldog's wrinkles clean?

For some French people, wiping damp areas a few times a week would be enough. However, if your dog suffers from allergies if he is messy at dinner time or has deep creases. Then you need to do this daily.

  • Use baby towels
    For shallow creases on your Frenchie, you can use baby wipes for sensitive skin to remove food and dirt.
  • Use a damp cloth or towel
    If you don’t want to use wet wipes on your Frenchie, you can clean his/her wrinkles with a simple damp cloth or towel. Expand the fold and gently remove the dirt inside.
  • Dog shampoo or soap
    Do not buy human or baby shampoos for your dog. They have different skin pH and using the wrong shampoos can lead to flaky, oily or dry skin on your Frenchie. Our advice is to buy a hypoallergenic shampoo for dogs that will contain olive oil or coconut oil.

Crease infections are very painful and uncomfortable. They can appear in many forms such as redness, inflammation, discharge and itching. Some folds are especially difficult to clean if your dog is showing discomfort and wants to escape during the routine.

If your French Bulldog exhibits any of the above problems, you should go to your vet. Maybe your dog has dermatitis.

How to treat infected French Bulldog wrinkles?

Your vet will prescribe a topical antibiotic cream for your Frenchie. He may also receive anti-yeast medication and oral therapy. Every time you clean your French Bulldog’s wrinkles, it is important to watch for signs of infection.