How To Build A Bond With Your French Bulldog

When we become owners of a dog the first thing we want to do is bond with them for life. And while it is easily achievable, it doesn’t mean it’ll happen in the blink of an eye. If you’re looking for how to build a bond with your french bulldog, today we tell you! It is important to follow these few tips to ensure your new friend will stay with you forever. So, read on to learn what you can do to bond with your new friend.


Part of creating bonds between dogs and owners is to be consistent with the attempt. The best way to achieve this is by creating a routine between the two. When it comes to routines you can start by playing with them throughout the day. Get some toys and dedicate somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes of playtime. A bit more if you see your dog is still active. This will build a trusting bond with them whenever you play. Also, they will know that whenever you grab a toy is time to play. Which again, is part of making a good routine.

How To Build A Bond With Your French Bulldog Chicago Il

Establish playtime with them

Part of dedicating time for them is not only to pet them or have them sit next to you on the sofa. Doing exercise with them has a lot of benefits, according to the french bulldog club of America. This breed needs to do a lot of exercise. Even if they have some respiratory issues, that should not stop you from playing with them. There are a lot of safe ways to exercise with them while having fun. From hiking to just throwing toys at them. You can find a way to make things fun with them. What we do recommend though, is that you do this daily. Yes, it is a commitment but one we all have to do. 1 hour of playtime should do it. A lot of people do this and it is fine. You can spend more time of course, but also, do not tire your dog too much.un

Dedicate Time For Them

Any living being needs love and care. All of them, without exception. So with that, this rule or tip applies to french bulldogs as well. As we have mentioned, spending time with your french bulldog has a lot of benefits. First of all, bonding is the main topic of this post. But, a happy dog leads to better and nice things. One of the best ways to increase the lifespan of your dog is by dedicating time to them. You will notice that a happy dog will even look healthier. And you need to remember that these dogs require care at all times. So, you should stay with them for at least 1 or 2 hours. More if you have the time. Different from cats, dogs do like to have company. They are not as independent. So, make time for them.

Clean them regularly

Contrary to cats, dogs don’t have a lot of issues when it comes to cleaning. That is good. Or at least it makes giving them a bath a lot easier. However, a bath isn’t the only thing they need. You should also keep an eye out for their ears, nose, and even eyes. And, you should also take them to a dog grooming session every once in a while. That’ll help. Especially right now that summer is starting. Hot weather will cause them to sweat a lot. Which in turn will make them dirtier. So, keep an eye out for signs of them being too dirty. Cleaning them will make them feel happy and with that, you have another way how to build a bond with your french bulldog.

Keep them well-fed

We talked about treats but let’s talk about food now. There are a lot of great foods for French Bulldogs. Keeping them with a good diet will not only nurture them but also make them happy. Dogs relate a lot of actions with the person doing them. So, if you want to bond with your dog, it is important that you feed them well and constantly. Well, during their eating hours, of course. The diet you’ll give your dog will depend on its size and weight. You can get information from your vet. Some people prefer a raw diet for their dogs while others prefer specific food. Whichever the case may be, you need to make sure they are well-fed. Your dog will start bonding with you soon and you’ll always see them happy around you.

Rewards go a long way

Dogs tend to do things their way when they are not taught as puppies. Sometimes when they do something we don’t want we scold them. This is where we are wrong. What we have to do is first, teach them but try not to scold them. It is easy for any pet to associate scolding with a bad experience. So, try to avoid it. Instead, when your dog does something good, give them a treat. This will build a bond between the two of you. Also, your dog will associate what they did with something positive.

So, there are a lot of ways how to build a bond with your french bulldog. All of them are useful as long as you keep the consistency up and never break the trust they have in you.

How To Build A Bond With Your French Bulldog in Chicago Il
How To Build A Bond With Your French Bulldog Chicago Il

Prepare everyone at home for them

Okay, we’d like to focus a bit on family members now. Especially children. Kids are amazing, that is a fact. But, they are curious. Just like dogs are. So, having them together can be fun, but also a little bit dangerous. When children explore, they do it everywhere and with anything. It is important to educate children about having a pet. You need to let them know that french bulldogs are fragile. They need care and to be treated a certain way. That means no rough play and avoiding some food for them. Your dog can get scared if your children handle it wrong. So, make sure they know how to treat your new dog. This will make a strong bond with them. Thankfully, french bulldogs are great with kids. So, the job’s already halfway done.

Another dog

If you have the time and space, getting a second dog isn’t a bad idea. In our experience, we have seen that dogs bond faster with other dogs but also with humans. They will always have a playmate whenever you’re busy. This makes it a lot better because you will always have your dog entertained. Just remember, the commitment will double. So, make sure you have the time and space for both dogs. Also, you could get another french bulldog, that’ll make things a lot better for them.

Closing thoughts

Bonding with a french bulldog isn’t hard, but you need to be constant. As with every other living being. Making a dog is happy if you do these steps and even more. Also remember, the environment they grow in will affect this a lot. So, just make sure you prepare the home for them. And if you have any more questions regarding this amazing breed, call us. We’ll be happy to offer advice!
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