How To Avoid French Bulldog Scam

In the world of French bulldogs, we all know that people are eager to sell them. I mean, why shouldn’t they? Breeders know that this breed is amazing. People love them due to how great and lovely they are. Yes, they have their health issues but that hasn’t stopped people from adopting or getting some. Yet, there are some people who want to abuse people’s good intentions. That is why today, as the breeders we are, we want to tell you how to avoid the French bulldog scam. Learn how to avoid this at all costs.

They are looking to commit right away

One of the tell-tale signs regarding how to avoid French bulldog scam is to pay attention to how eager they are. Breeders who are the good ones will wait for you no matter how much time you take to choose. They give you information, they do follow-up, and they answer every single thing. However, the ones who want to scam, don’t care. They just want your money and will want you to commit at the moment. Keep an eye out for this type of attitude.

The price is too good

Now, we are not saying that a good price is bad. I mean, we all like a bargain but, we know that French bulldog prices are expensive. If you see that the price is too low, that might be a red flag. It is important that as a buyer you are aware of the approximate prices for this breed. So, always try to research first before committing to buying a French bulldog.

How To Avoid French Bulldog Scam in Chicago Il

How to avoid falling victim to the scam

There are a few tips that we can recommend so you don’t become a victim. First and foremost, ask for pictures of the French bulldog. Legitimate breeders will always have a huge gallery of pictures and will not hesitate to send more. Then, you should ask to meet the parents. The ones that offer stud services will never doubt in you meeting their parents. So, always ask for some time to see the parents first. And finally, if you’ve already bought the puppy, take it to the vet right away. They are the ones that will identify if something is bad with the dog. Follow these tips to avoid the scam and enjoy a good French bulldog puppy.