How many puppies does a French bulldog have per litter?

If you and your Frenchie are first-timers. You may wonder how many puppies your French bulldog can have per litter, and it’s normal! After a long wait to receive the puppies, you will want to know all the details. So, today we explain everything you should know about How many puppies does a French bulldog have per litter?

To solve this question, we must consider several factors. Some of them can influence the number of puppies your Frenchie female can conceive:

Size of the pregnant female

Just as in humans, every French bulldog has a different physical structure, even among siblings of the same litter. Some females are noticeably shorter than males or have different characteristics. They are not the same.

Quality of the male French bulldog

Part of the process of choosing the right male to breed with your female is reproductive ability. That the French bulldog male can provide. A good male, besides providing good genetics to his litter, should also have a high sperm count with high motility.

Although this is not an absolute rule, each of the points mentioned above is involved in the female’s reproductive process.

Number of French bulldog puppies per litter

Due to the size of the female’s belly and the factors before described. Usually, in a litter of French bulldogs, between 3 and 5 puppies are born. But, using artificial insemination the number usually increases, reaching cases of 6, 8, and even 12 puppies per litter.

Of course, the higher the number of puppies in the mother’s womb, the higher the risk for both your female bulldog and her offspring.

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