How French Bulldogs Breed

Do you know How French Bulldogs Breed? is a longer and more complicated process than it seems. Even more so when we are talking about Frenchies. Because of their anatomy, it is difficult for them to mate naturally, so many breeders choose to help you. However, it is possible.

First Steps

The best thing that you can do is bring the female to the male’s territory. Always without forcing the situation, that is, let them get to know each other and see how they react. We recommend that your pet be as clean as possible, so you could opt for a Dog Spa in Chicago.


Give them some time to introduce themselves. They will start to sniff each other and approach carefully. If they like each other they may start to play, if they don’t like each other they may fight.


Once you are comfortable, both of you will start playing with each other, licking and sniffing each other. Due to the hormones, the male will most likely try to mount her quickly. Normally the female is the one who sets the pace because if she does not accept the male, she will not let him mount her and will sit down or even bite him.


When the female is ready and accepts the male, she usually puts the back of her body in the provocation. If the male succeeds, he will start movements to penetrate her and once he succeeds, he will turn on her and remain attached. This is how you will know that you have really succeeded in breeding them.

The French bulldogs are a little clumsy. So, when they get so nervous with the female, they get tired quickly.

How French Bulldogs Breed in Chicago


When the male penetrates the female, a bulb in his penis swells as it fills with blood, increasing its size, which favors copulation.


As they separate when the male’s penis deflates, both of them will lick their genitals to feel clean.


You will probably both be exhausted and lie down to rest, of course, that night you will sleep like little angels after the experience.
Once you have managed to get your French bulldog to mate. It is advisable to leave a few days before taking the female to the vet and have an ultrasound done to see if we have managed to get her pregnant. As we said before, sometimes we look for natural mating but this is not achieved, so if we want to have offspring we can do it by insemination at the vet.