How French Bulldogs are affected by fireworks

With 4th of July celebrations about to begin or in cases like Christmas celebrations. Fireworks shows are a must because they are often the main event of the holiday season. So, you can’t miss the fireworks shows. While people enjoy these traditions, our pets definitely do not. So today we tell you How French Bulldogs are affected by fireworks and how you can take care of them.

It’s true that some dogs can be more fearful than others and be affected to a greater extent by fireworks. But have you ever thought deeply about why this affects them? Many dogs, besides being more nervous, can feel very threatened by very loud noises. You have to remember that their hearing is much more sensitive than ours. Also, very bright lights can frighten them or blind them for a moment. Fireworks are very unpredictable and our pets don’t understand them, they see them as a threat.

How French Bulldogs are affected by fireworks IN Chicago Il

Also, our French bulldogs can be prey to stress. We can notice this with these signs:

-Pissing themselves with fear.
-Compulsive behaviors. Like licking or biting nails or paws.
-Getting a little aggressive out of fear.
-Panting. Let’s remember that Frenchies suffer from respiratory diseases and this could affect them.
-Barking or squealing.
-Changes in body posture. You will notice if they are scared or stressed according to their posture.
-It is very normal that they seek to hide in a calmer place or where they feel safe.

The best thing to do is to help them find a way to stay relaxed or distracted. In extreme cases, dogs can run away from home due to stress. To avoid this situation you should check that there is no place where they can go out, that they have their tags with all their data and their microchip.