A little big problem

Fleas are a problem that all canine owners have had to face at some time, and in the case of Frenchies, this problem is of special attention, so today we will answer the question how do I know if my French bulldog has fleas?


The case of exotic Frenchies Chicago is special in case of infestations since they have sensitive skin and tend to react strongly in case of flea bites.


Fleas feed on the blood of our furry friends, so they can cause anemia and transmit other ailments, so acting fast will be very important.


How do I know if my French bulldog has fleas? Well, if he has them, the Frenchie will tend to scratch or bite himself more than usual. He may also appear listless or lacking in strength.

how do I know if my French bulldog has fleas

Check your pet

To be sure, it is advisable to check our exotic French Bulldogs Chicago, lay them on their back, and carefully check their coat.


If the canine has fleas, it will be possible to see them more abundantly on the abdomen, tail, and neck, although they are not restricted to these areas.


In addition, small white dots, which are flea debris, can be seen on the coat. Red spots on the skin, even scabs, may also be detected.

What to do if fleas are detected?

how do I know if my French bulldog has fleas

The best thing to do is to take your Frenchie to a veterinarian, who will determine the best treatment for each case.


It is highly recommended to thoroughly clean your Frenchie’s home and clothes, as they will probably have fleas or eggs.

The carpets, rugs, and floors of our home should also be cleaned and vacuumed.


For more tips on how to raise your Frenchie, you can ask for advice from the best French Bulldog Breeders Chicago.


And now that you know How do I know if my French bulldog has fleas? remember that you can prevent infestations with flea collars, soaps, and other flea control items.

It is important to remember that a cluttered space makes it difficult to concentrate and makes us waste time as it takes longer to find what we are looking for in a moment of urgency.


To renew, start to order, and organize our home will make us feel more comfortable, we will save time and we will feel proud when we have visitors.