How can you help your French bulldog breathe better

In French bulldogs, respiratory problems are a common health issue. That is why buying a Frenchie puppy from a responsible and reliable breeder is essential. Someone who will tell you everything about their genes and health history. We know that your pet worries you, and that’s why you want to learn How can you help your French bulldog breathe better?

Mild cases of dyspnea can be managed by taking the following steps.

  • Keep your French bulldog’s weight within the normal range. Overweight Frenchies are more prone to breathing problems.
  • Avoid walking your Frenchie during the hottest part of the day during the summer. Instead, choose early mornings and late evenings.
  • Don’t let your dog get too tired after a walk or training. Overactive puppies can be especially dangerous during their growing body.
  • Pay attention to watering your Frenchie during the summer. Because overheating will lead to loss of body fluids.
  • Place your Frenchie in an air-conditioned room to cool.
  • Buying your dog a gel-filled summer cooling bed that will help keep a low body temperature.

These tips are only to control Mild French bulldog respiratory problems. In cases where the dog shows signs of a coma, a rapid heart rate, and sounds like he’s choking. You have to run with your vet.

The high medical bills often result in the abandonment of Frenchies. So, often people find them in rescues. People don’t realize that taking care of a Frenchie isn’t easy. And you need enough money to deal with their care.

Even so, we must remember that although this breed tends to have some health conditions. It is not a rule that all French Bulldogs suffer from them. Even less if you take care of your dog.