How can I know if my dog is about to give birth?

The countdown has begun. You are between the last days of gestation, and the French bulldog puppies are about to arrive in a few days. At this point, you may be wondering How can I know if my dog is about to give birth? Also, you can check our post How many puppies does a French bulldog have per litter?

how can i know if my dog is about to give birth

Prenatal check-up

A Frenchie’s gestation lasts between 60 and 63 days. Although the exact moment of birth cannot be predicted. Your dog will show signs if she is about to give birth.

It is important to visit your veterinarian for an ultrasound as part of a prenatal check-up. In it, the veterinarian will make sure of the health of the female, as well as the puppies. He should validate the puppies vital signs, if the diameter of their heads coincides with the days of gestation and more. At the same time, he will also be able to give you an approximate number of how many puppies are about to arrive.

Symptoms that your bulldog is in labor

Perhaps the most certain indicator that a puppy is starting to labor is body temperature. A healthy dog’s temperature is slightly higher than a human’s. It hovers between 38C and 39C, but as the day of delivery approaches, it will drop to 37C during days 60 to 63 of gestation.

Lack of appetite

She will not want to try food, although it is good to invite her to eat in small amounts several times a day. Pamper her with a specially prepared diet.

In the last hours before delivery, the female may be restless. And panting more than usual and show signs of wanting to make a nest for the birth.

Remember that French bulldog puppies are born through cesarean section. Because due to the physical structure of these dog breeds. So, giving birth to the puppies through labor will put both the mother and the puppies at risk.