How big do french bulldogs get?

The French Bulldog or Frenchie is a robust, large-headed, compact dog breed with a short muzzle and bat ears. It is the English Bulldog’s distant, lovable, playful, and lively relative. His personality is affectionate, and he gets along well with children. The important thing is that being small in size. He will not grow beyond nine months. However, as he reaches his growth phase, many changes are associated with it. We wanted to introduce you to the essential stages of your French bulldog puppy’s growth. So how big do french bulldogs get?

The Puppy French bulldog

During the growth phase, many changes will occur in your puppy. One of them is the slowing of the puppy’s physical growth. The puppy’s energy levels will increase manifolds; at this age, there will be new requirements for your pet that will need to be addressed. So, be prepared as you experience a new journey with your loyal and friendly companion.

From tree to six months

Your little pet is now six months old. So, you have witnessed his growth cycle of a cute puppy from three to six months. A six-month-old French bulldog puppy becomes a teenager and is capable of learning tricks. You can begin to teach him to lie down, sit, stay, and do other valuable commands that your French bulldog puppy must perform throughout his life.

The six-month-old puppy weighs about 75% of an adult dog. This is also the stage when the permanent premolars erupt, while the molars erupt at 5-7 months of age. To ease your puppy’s teething phase, we recommend that you use French bulldog toys. Rubber dog chew toys will help your Frenchie soothe irritated gums and speed up growth.

Physical Development

At six months of age, a puppy’s growth will slow down. By six months, your little puppy should be properly house trained and should have full bladder and bowel control.

Your dog will also reach sexual maturity between six and eight months of age. If your dog is not spayed, he may show interest in females, and your bitch if not spayed, will enter the heat stage. At this time puppies will begin to lift their legs to urinate and mark areas, so this is the definite time to potty train.

Behavioral changes

As the puppy is now in its adolescent years, its energy level will decrease. At this stage, the pet may also show destructive behavior, which is usually due to boredom, and an increase in confidence and energy levels.

Therefore, try to keep your pet busy and start with training sessions or hire a personal trainer. Play fetch and French bulldog toys can be a great solution to keep a pet entertained.

The Adult French bulldog

They usually only reach 30 centimeters in height. It is neither a very big nor a tiny dog. It also varies depending on whether females or males, but generally, they usually have a standard size. Although they are small size dogs, their weight ranges between 22 and 33 pounds so that they can be “medium weight” dogs.

Their ideal weight is for females around 24lb, and for males approximately 28lb. This characteristic also varies a lot concerning their genetics and feeding. It is a breed that sometimes tends to be overweight if it is not fed correctly or does not do enough physical exercise.

French bulldog breeders play an essential role in preparing puppies for their new homes. Whatever breed of dog you want to buy, each puppy should spend approximately eight weeks in the kennel. This is the period a puppy needs to gain proper socialization and strengthen immunity. The time spent with the mother is crucial. That’s how the puppy builds a healthy, non-aggressive personality that will ensure coexistence with a well-socialized and obedient dog.

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