Home Remedies To Relieve Itching On Your Dog

People tend to think that itch is something normal. People see a dog scratching and they think is fine. But, when is it not? There are some key signs that tell us when there might be something wrong with our pets. Itching in excess can be something bad but treatable. So, today, we have some home remedies to relieve itching on your dog. Our remedies on this page, are the French bulldog club approved and other associations. So, you don’t have to worry about doing something bad for them.

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Apple vinegar

It would seem that vinegar is a miracle product for house cleaning and now for dogs too. You should need right away. How and when? Well, when is easy to answer. Whenever you see your dog scratching more than it should. Apple vinegar is a great remedy against itching on your dog and it is easy to do. You just have to dilute the vinegar in some water, feel a bottle and spray the affected area twice a day. You don’t have to soak the area. A bit of spraying will do the trick without any issue.

Home Remedies To Relieve Itching On Your Dog in Chicago


Oatmeal isn’t good only for humans. Dogs can benefit from it too. For itching, you just have to grind it, add it to warm water and you’re ready to start applying it. It is important that the water is a bit warm, almost cold. Hot water can irritate a French bulldog’s skin and it’ll be counterproductive. So, just make sure to apply it and leave it there for 15 minutes. Once the time’s up, clean it with fresh water and that’s it. You’ll see how your dog stops scratching itself too often. And there you have them, some quick tips to help your dog with their itching. For more information, remember to follow us and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you have about this breed.