Home Remedies For Dry Noses In French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are an amazing breed but a delicate one as well. They need extra care due to the type of breed they are. However, that doesn’t you will be spending a lot of money on the vet for them. Some simple things can be solved at home. Today we have some home remedies for dry noses in french bulldogs. Read on how you can treat that with things you have in your house. Spare the vet visit by following our handy guide.

Why is my French bulldog's nose dry?

Before moving to the remedies we have to understand why it gets dry. A dry nose on dogs and french bulldogs, in this case, can happen for a lot of reasons. One of the most common ones is the weather. During very cold or very hot seasons, a Frenchie’s nose might get dry. Another reason is allergies. This can happen during spring. If we get allergies, they do as well. And before moving to home remedies for dry noses in french bulldogs, we have the final one. Dehydration. With summer approaching is important to have your dog hydrated all the time. Always keep some fresh and clean water for them to drink.


Going straight to them we have a few here:

  • Olive oil: We all have one bottle of this around the kitchen. This ingredient is amazing to moisturize a dog’s nose. What is great about this is that there is no harm if they ingest it. It is completely safe for them.
  • Almond oil: Another type of oil on the list. This one has a lot of vitamins that can help a dog’s nose a lot.
  • Coconut oil: Yes, we are seeing the trend in oils here. But, trust us, they are amazing! Another pet-friendly one. According to some experts, coconut oil can sit heavily on a dog’s stomach so, be careful. Introduce them to it little by little before using it on their nose. And when they are ready, feel free to apply it to their nose.
Home Remedies For Dry Noses In French Bulldogs in Chicago Il