Heat stroke in French Bulldogs

We have to be very careful with our Frenchies and the Summer heat. As this breed is very prone to suffer from extreme weather. Your bulldog may be suffering from heat stroke, but for us, it can go unnoticed. So today we tell you how to identify heat stroke in French Bulldogs.

It is very dangerous for your French Bulldog to suffer from heat stroke. Due to its anatomy and being of the Brachycephalic breeds, it can have many serious consequences. The symptoms may go unnoticed as it is normal for them to tire quickly, pant and snore.

What is heat stroke?

Whenever your bulldog is exposed to high temperatures, this condition can occur. Because of these weather conditions, your pet’s body depletes its reserves of water and sugar. This can cause a collapse in their internal organs, and that can easily dehydrate and worse.

Therefore, you should be clear about these 6 symptoms that will help you detect that your bulldog is suffering from heat stroke:

1. Excessive breathing
Your bulldog will pant and breathe much faster and more difficult than usual.

2. Loss of strength
He may be unable to move or stand up on his own.

3. Loss of balance
You may have spasms or tremors in your limbs as if you were going to fall.

4. Change in gum color
You can perceive a slight bluish tone in his gums due to the lack of oxygen in his blood.

5. Apathy
Your bulldog may be more apathetic than usual and even aggressive.

6. Fainting
This is the most serious symptom since it indicates that their vital organs are beginning to fail.

Heat stroke in French Bulldogs in Chicago

Consequences of heat stroke

If your Frenchie is not taken immediately to the veterinarian for heat stroke. The consequences can be irreversible and often fatal.

  • Respiratory failure
  • Infarction
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Renal failure
  • Asphyxia
  • Cerebral edema