Frenchie Pregnancy Care

It’s unusual that Frenchies to mate or give birth naturally. They need a lot of special care and even more during pregnancy. This process is hard and that’s why your Frenchie is going to be more and more tired as the puppies grow. So today we bring you the Frenchie Pregnancy Care. If you want to learn more, you can visit our post How can I know if my dog is about to give birth? or Can French Bulldogs Give Birth Naturally?

How to take care of your pregnant dog

So many factors influence the success of pregnancy. One of them is keeping your dog healthy. It can be difficult to maintain the normal weight of your Frenchie. But it’s necessary that she isn’t overweight. You can help her with a balanced diet. Good quality, highly digestible food is essential. Vets always recommend special foods for two top reasons. First, to maintain healthy our dogs. And second, to avoid allergies. Dog food formula contains vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Besides regular grooming, cleaning and watching her food. You should be much more aware of how cold or hot the environment is and your dog’s body temperature. This is really important because French bulldogs tend to hyperthermia or hypothermia. The room’s temperature shouldn’t exceed 23 C. This breed can easily suffer from heat stroke. When taking her outside, make sure he’s dressed appropriately for the weather. There are many ideal sweaters for cold weather, heating beds or products that help keep their temperature normal. But always make sure it has enough water.

How long does a French bulldog pregnancy last?

The average French bulldog pregnancy takes 63 days from conception to birth. Birth may occur a few days before, but not before day 58.