French Bulldog Show Requirements

We all get a French bulldog for a variety of reasons. Most people get one because they want a lifelong companion. And well, this breed is perfect for that. Others want to find a way to breed them and get beautiful puppies. Others though, want to show off their beautiful French bulldogs to the world. And that is how the AKC and other associations have established French Bulldog Show requirements. If you are eager to show off your french bulldog to the world, then follow this guide to know what you need. For more tips and tricks, we suggest our posts:

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French Bulldog Show Requirements​

General appearance

Since most showings are regulated by big french bulldog associations, appearance is key. These shows evaluate a lot of things but the way they look is paramount for that. So, if you are looking to sign up your dog for one, make sure they are looking great. You can achieve this by taking them to a pet salon in Chicago. Or you can do some dog grooming at home too.


If you want to get your French bulldog in a show, you need to be aware of something. Not all fur coats make the cut. Some of them need to be specific. Colors like liver, mouse, black and white, and white with tan marking, are disqualified. So, if your french bulldog has this fur coat color, it will not be able to participate.

Coat's condition

Another big part of french bulldog show requirements is the condition of their coat. The coat needs to be able to be brushed easily. You can achieve this with a good diet for them. Either with raw or dry food. Whichever you choose, make sure to give them some daily dog grooming. This will prevent shedding and keep their fur in top condition.


If a french bulldog is over 28 pounds, it will not be able to participate in a showing. Controlling your dog’s weight is important if you want to sign them up for a showing. Again, diet is everything. Also, exercise. Make sure to take them out for a walk every day.
Most french bulldogs can participate in showings but if you want a particular dog with one specific color, call your local breeders. Getting help will make everything a lot easier.