French Bulldog Heat Cycle

If you have decided to live with a female Frenchie, then dealing with her heat cycle will be one of the things to expect. So, today we tell you what you should know about French Bulldog Heat Cycle. If you want to learn more, you can visit our post How can I know if my dog is about to give birth? or Can French Bulldogs Give Birth Naturally?

When does a Frenchie have its cycle for the first time?

Female Frenchies enter their first heat cycle when they are approximately 6-9 months old. Your Frenchie will be in heat, which means she can get pregnant, so you need a plan for when that will happen. Your job as an owner will depend on how much effort you are willing to put into caring for your pet and preventing unwanted litters.

How often does a female French bulldog go into heat?

Females come into heat every 5-6 months. A French Bulldog’s cycle can be irregular in the first year and after that you should notice if her reproductive patterns settle down.

How long does a Frenchie bleeding last?

It’s a process known as proestrus that lasts 4 to 20 days and is characterized by vaginal discharge.

  • Estrus Phase
    While the female is in estrus, she can become pregnant. The vulva becomes swollen and yellowish in color with a watery vaginal discharge. A female French Bulldog’s hormone levels are at their peak during this time, which means she will be able to attract more attention from males.
  • Diestrus phase
    Your dog will go through the third stage of the reproductive cycle. It usually lasts 60 days and includes physical changes such as the vulva returning to normal and the absence of discharge.
  • Anestrus Stage
    Your dog’s body goes through the final preparation for the next period in this stage.

What do I need for my Frenchie who is in heat?

Since you definitely don’t want to find a mess all around your home, it’s important to buy dog ​​diapers. In addition to disposable diapers, you can also try washing diapers. Since French Bulldogs do not have tails, it would be best to purchase dog diapers without a tail opening.