French Bulldog and Dermatitis

Nobody likes to see their French in pain. So the owners try their best to give the special care that their Frenchies deserve. But sometimes can be difficult, and canine dermatitis can affect your pet. So today, we will tell you everything you should know about French Bulldog and Dermatitis. Also, here we have our How to clean Frenchies’ wrinkles? guide which can help you avoid dermatitis in your furry friend.

Common causes of French bulldog dermatitis

Dermatitis is usually caused by allergens like food, fleas, ticks, mites, and different bacteria. Dogs with weak immune systems are more susceptible. But you can take steps to prevent it:
  • Use a hypoallergenic dog shampoo
  • Be very cautious with the diet for your Frenchie.
  • Visit your vet regularly.
  • Protect your Frenchie from parasites.
  • Protect your pet from ticks and fleas.

Symptoms of French bulldog dermatitis

  • Chewing and licking paws
  • Hairless patches
  • Rubbing the belly or head onto the carpet
  • Excessive skin scratching
  • Hot spots and crusts on your Frenchie’s body
  • Appearance of dark spots on the skin or hairless spots
  • Saliva staining
  • Red and itchy ears with dark waxy discharge

How is French bulldog dermatitis treated?

This condition usually affects the dog’s paws, stomach, armpits and ears. Dermatitis in French bulldogs requires treatment right away. Because it is a painful condition.

Your dog will need topical treatment, no more for than 7 days. Depending on the cause, there are different medicated shampoos, antibiotics, and other products. For parasitic dermatitis you can use special mite, tick and flea treatments, which can last up to 3 months. But allergic dermatitis is something they will deal with throughout their dog’s life.