Fluffy French Bulldog

Did you know that our Fluffy Frenchie for sale in USA can have long hair? Because they are named fluffy French Bulldogs. These specimens are considered also exotic Frenchies, read on as I will tell you all about them. If you want to know more about the Fluffy French Bulldog, read more.

Our Fluffy Frenchie for sale in Chicago is an exotic Frenchie characterized by its long hair. But, many people think they are hybrids or designer dogs. Because they look very different from the short-haired variety, both traditional and exotic. But, is the opposite.

This kind of Frenchie has its origin in the crossbreeding of the English bulldog and French ratter dogs, which had long hair. That is how the French Bulldog obtained this characteristic many generations ago.

To understand this a little more, we will have to dive into canine genetics. As with all other traits, the long coat is due to the presence of a certain pair of genes. In dogs, we call this fibroblast growth factor or FGF.

Because of their ancestry, Fluffy Frenchies may have this gene. Although it is more common for them to have short hair as this is a dominant gene.

How could I get a litter of fluffy French bulldogs?

Maybe it will sound hard, but what you would have to do is to cross two French bulldogs that have the dominant Lh gene. Because if you cross a pair of Frenchies, one with the Sh gene and the other with the Lh gene. The probability that you will get long-haired French bulldog puppies is 1 to 4.

For all French bulldog puppies to be fluffy, you must have both the female and the male with the dominant Lh gene. You can learn more about the breeding process here How French Bulldogs Breed.