Facts about French Bulldogs you may not know

French Bulldogs are an amazing and popular breed. A lot of people look to have one of them in their household. Now, while they are beautiful and great, a lot of people love to be informed before buying one. Today we tell you the facts about French Bulldogs you may not know.

Their origin

When you are looking for French Bulldogs for Sale the first thing you want to do is be informed. And it is something we recommend. Exotic Frenchies for Sale are everywhere. But, do you know where they came from? While the name says “French” they actually originated in England. Somewhere around the 18th centuries the breed came to light and was then moved to France. Thus, adopting the name we know today.

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Chicago Il Facts about French Bulldogs you may not know


Ever since the first breed appeared these dogs have been made to be great companions. Most people look to get this breed because they love being at home. They are very nice and calm around kids. Also, amongst other dogs, they won’t be barking like crazy or doing drama. These dogs are simply amazing. Most people love looking for Exotic French Bulldogs for Sale for this reason.

No Flight-Breed

Remember how we mentioned they are good to be at home? Well, it might be the best for them. They are not very good at traveling. Especially, during a flight. Given their short snouts, they have a lot of issues with their breathing at high altitudes. The AKC has a lot of information about this. Actually, a lot of airlines have banned travel with French Bulldogs. All this to avoid them from perishing on a flight. But don’t let this stop you from getting your own exotic Frenchies for sale.

Other curiosities

French bulldogs Chicago are among the dogs that have the most pups, with cases of up to 16 pups in a single birth, being 6 the most common number of pups.

In addition, they are one of the best breeds that exist for living indoors, since their character is moldable, adaptable, intelligent, and sociable. 

This is in addition to their energy level, which is usually medium.

On the other hand, and if at night you hear strange noises and do not have a roommate, do not worry, Frenchie’s are considered one of the breeds that snores the loudest.

On the special care aspect, you will need to pay close attention to their diet and eye health, but this should not be a deterrent to getting Frenchies for sale in Chicago, as they make excellent companions. Also, Frenchies enjoy taking sunbathing and this is good for their health.

This is because they tend to put on weight and flatulence due to poor digestion, so in addition to ensuring a balanced diet, you should be aware of allergies to certain foods, to which they are also prone.

As for their eyes, they should be cared for and moisturized as much as possible on a daily basis to avoid dryness and infections due to the shape of their head. Learn more about how to prevent the most common diseases in French bulldogs.

There are many places where to get exotic Frenchies for sale in Chicago, due to the qualities of this magnificent breed, however, remember that it is better to do it with professionals and responsible breeders. 

For more information remember to ask the opinion of your veterinarian, who according to the case, will make a detailed examination of the health of your best furry friend, in order to take these or other measures.

Proud founders of the French Bull Dog Club of America

Okay, maybe the dogs didn’t found it but they were responsible for it. A long time ago there used to be a debate between which type of ear was the standard for them. Bat-styled ears are the ones you see most of the time in Exotic French Bull Dogs for Sale. This type of ear is the most common one. A lot of Americans love to showcase the beauty of these ears to others. On the other side of the pond, in Europe, most Frenchies have rose-shaped ears. In America, however, they are proud of having bat-shaped ones.
This breed has a lot of nice and fun things to know about. Some things are some fun facts and some others are required to ensure they’ll have the best time with you. When looking for Exotic Frenchies for Sale remember to be informed. And, if you have any questions, remember to contact us for all the information about Exotic French Bulldogs for Sale.