Everything about French Bull Dogs

Have you ever thought: why are French Bull Dogs so famous? Maybe you have. These days a lot of people are looking to have one of these beautiful dogs. But, why have they become so popular? Why do people want them so much? Are they the right breed for you to have? Here in Elite Frenchies, we tell you everything about French Bull Dogs.

Is difficult to take care of a French Bulldog?

What is a French Bull Dog?

First, we would like to direct your attention to the picture we have on the right. Are you in love with the dog yet? Yes, we know you are. That is a French Bull Dog. This breed is similar to the English Bulldog but it has some notable differences. First of all in size and posture. You can see that even the body of the French Bull Dog is slimmer and more defined. This is one of the reasons why people look for Exotic French Bull Dogs for Sale. 

Frech bulldogs are really good pets! They have such a characteristic appearance that these dogs are sought out by all. Another great thing about Frenchies (as we like to call them), is that their life span is actually quite long. Between 10 to 12 years or even more depending on their lifestyle. French Bull Dogs are nice dogs that prefer to be indoors and that extends a lot of their life span. Beyond that, Exotic Frenchies are also very nice and active dogs. A common misconception is that French Bull Dogs are lazy. On the contrary, they are very active. These dogs are loved by many and with good reasons.

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Is a French Bull Dog the right breed for me?

Now, this question can be very subjective. However, we will try to appease your doubts. As we mentioned above, French Bulldogs are very active. If you have already looked for French Bull Dogs for Sale online, here are some things to keep in mind. First of all, how many hours do you spend outside of your house? Having a Frenchie is like having a newborn baby in your home, they require a lot of attention. If you are outside quite often then you might want to think about this twice.
Another thing that a lot of people ask is about their general health. This breed has been known for some health issues but not a lot, though. They like to take long sunbathings and that help them be strong. Don’t let this stop you from getting your own exotic Frenchies for sale.

You can always make a more informative decision when looking for a new dog. Depending on where you acquire them, they will inform you about anything you need to know. Even the AKC has a lot of information about them. 

This breed is a very that a lot of people like to have. We are your number one option when it comes to Exotic Frenchies.