Do you know what makes a French Bulldog exotic?

If you still don’t know what makes a French Bulldog exotic, in this text we will explain in detail, what are those characteristics that make French Bulldogs, one of the most exclusive dog breeds of today.

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Where do the characteristics of Frenchies come from?

This is a question for which there is no clear and conclusive answer. But it can be said that it began in the early years of the 19th century. French Bulldogs lived different crossbreeding with other dog breeds.

There were so many crosses between other breeds of dogs and the Bulldogs. Nowadays it is not clear with which breeds these crosses were made, nor from where exactly the current French Bulldogs inherited their characteristics. But, exactly which are those characteristics that make the Bulldogs such a staked breed?

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Physical characteristics of French Bulldogs

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  • Body: Frenchies’ body, have a progressive elevation of the dorsal line, passing through the kidneys, down to the tail. They have a long and muscular back and a broad chest.
  • Head: The head stands out mainly for being very square, wide and, above all strong, with a wide spacing between ears.
  • Nose: Something also very characteristic of this breed of dog, is its flat nose. which makes them snore a lot.
  • Eyes: Usually the eyes of Frenchies are dark. But there are some dogs with light or even multi-colored eyes.

What are the most outstanding features?

  • Ears: The ears of the Frenchies, are one of their most striking characteristics, since they do not have the droopy shape, that most dog breeds have. 
  • Color: The color, is also the other most striking characteristic they have, as Frenchies can usually be found in colors such as denim (black and white), marbled black; cream and black. In addition to these colors, there are a few out of the ordinary colors, that will make a Frenchie totally unique.
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What are those colors that make Frenchies a totally exotic breed?

Do you know what makes a French Bulldog exotic Here we explain it to you
  • French Bulldog blue:The blue color (in other cases also known as gray) is due to a gene called “dilution”, which affects the puppy’s eumelanin. Generally, when a dog has two copies of the d allele (dd), it will change from black to blue.
  • French Bulldog Lilac:This shade is the result of the combination of blue and chocolate DNA from the parents. The dilution gene is also responsible here, as it causes a chocolate colored dog to become a lilac colored dog. The lilac type Frenchie is characterized by the bbdd genotype).
  • Chocolate French Bulldog:This particular color is due to the dilution of the black color, this occurs at the B locus. It is usually a recessive gene, so it must have the bb genotype.
  • French Bulldog Isabella: This type of color is characterized by being known as Lilac, True Lilac, or Double Lilac and it is a combination of blue and chocolate tones. But in this case, the chocolate is verifiable.
  • French Bulldog Merle:This color is easily recognized as it creates spots of color in a solid or in some cases pale coat. This can also affect the pigment of the puppy’s skin. Merle Frenchies often have strange looking eyes, as they basically have a discoloration of the iris.
  • Blue fawn French Bulldog: The blue fawn as well as the blue fawn, like the Lilac Fawn, the Chocolate Fawn are fawns with signs of genetic dilution in their muzzle, nose, ears and paw pads.
  • French Bulldog tan/bronze: This is a type of puppy that stands out for having a tan or bronz.

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And now, Do you know what makes a French Bulldog exotic?

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