Can French Bulldogs Swim?

When they see my Frenchie at the beach, many folks question me, “Can French Bulldogs swim?” to be short, the short answer is: Any Frenchie can’t swim by themselves. They’re going to sink like rocks in an exceeding pond. once I say this, it’s 100% true: your French bulldog can drown in a matter of seconds if he falls into the water without the help of a dog life vest.

When watching your bulldog near water, think about it as a baby standing on the sting of a deep pool. That said, French Bulldogs can learn to swim as long as they wear a dog life vest or some special equipment in order that they can float. Keep in mind that this needs 100% constant supervision. Never, under any circumstances. Leave your French bulldog near a water source without constant supervision.

Can a French bulldog swim with a life vest?

Yes, you’ll be able to teach your  Frenchie to swim as long as he wears a dog swimming vest. The system simply consists of swimming together with your dog while pampering him before, during and after a swimming session. Together with an award for exiting the water correctly. This goes further by suggesting that you simply could actively train your Frenchie to exit a pool or other small body of water. As a new safety precaution, use many treats along the way, of course.

I also suggest teaching your French bulldog to swim in water without currents or swells. So, this is often especially important for Frenchies because they do not have an extended snout to assist them to keep their airway above the surf. Almost their entire head is submerged in the water; even when wearing a flotation device.

Can French Bulldogs swim during a baby pool?

Yes! After all, it’s something we recommend to everyone who owns a French bulldog. On a hot day, Frenchies can die from heat stroke, and having an area to constantly cool off could be a great idea!

If you are worried about heat strokes in your Frenchie. We recommend checking Heat stroke in French Bulldogs.