Body Language In French Bulldogs

It would be amazing if we were able to understand our dogs. Life would be a lot easier. Sadly, that isn’t possible. We need to look for other ways to identify what our pets want to tell us. In this case, every single pet has its own body language. Thankfully, the one in dogs doesn’t vary too much. You just need to know what everything means. That is why today we want to talk about the body language in French Bulldogs. Read on to learn what your Frenchie is trying to tell you.

Body Language In French Bulldogs in Chicago


A lot of people get a French bulldog due to their ears. We all know that even for competitions, their ears matter. Yet, the ears are one of the parts of the body that serve as a tell-tale sign for their language. The clearest sign when it comes to body language is the position of the ears. One thing to understand is that if your dog has their ears flattened, they feel threatened. In those cases, you need to find out what is happening or what is causing it.


More than the mouth itself, we are referring to their voice. It is a bit easier to find out what a dog is trying to tell us with their sounds. Body language in French bulldogs relies heavily on their barking and growling. Depending on the sound they are doing, you can realize what they are trying to do or tell you.


Another part of the body that people love in French bulldogs. Believe it or not, they have very expresful eyes. You can see clearly what they want or how they are feeling. It is important that you always keep a close eye on…their eyes. These can tell you everything they want and how they are feeling in this moment.