Basic Guide to French Bulldog Puppy Care

Like all breeds of dogs, when our pets are puppies, extra care measures must be taken. So, you can ensure that the new member of the family adapts more easily to their environment and stays safe. That’s the reason why here we have a basic guide to French Bulldog Puppy Care.

First, be sure to ensure that the space in which your Frenchie will spend the night is as safe as possible. Check if there is no risk of him falling down the stairs, for example, or that he could chew on wires and have an accident.

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Give it love!

Second, it is a good idea to provide a proper and soft bed for our pet, so that it feels safe and can trust us more quickly. In the cold season, you should provide them with extra blankets or a sweater. As they tend to be more sensitive when exposed to low temperatures.

Protect and love them!

Another thing you have to consider is taking care of their feeding. Although this is essential for any stage of their life. It becomes even more important in the development stage. If you have doubts about what food is best for your pet, seek advice from a veterinarian.

As puppies go through the development of their teeth, they will tend to chew on everything in their path. So be patient and provide your new furry friend with toys. Search for those which are suitable for their size and are resistant.

Finally, don’t forget to give your Frenchies quality time with playtime, and cuddling. This way you will not only strengthen bonds but also keep your pet healthy and active.

Apply the tips in this guide to ensure a long life for your dog and contact us for the best exotic Frenchies in Chicago.